Chambo Challenge 4.1 Proudly Sponsored by Insurance Advisernet Foundation

Chambo Challenge 4.1 – 6 hour challenge

4.1 is going to be a test of both mental and physical strength as you/your team attempt to complete as many laps as possible of the 3km, 50+ obstacle course in a 6 hour period starting at 06:00 am on Saturday 14th October 2017

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Why 4.1?

The harsh reality is that during the course of the event 4.1 men, women and children will have taken their own life. That’s 4.1 too many! 4.1 is about making a difference!

The Challenge

4.1 is all about challenge. Challenging individuals to push themselves mentally and physically. Challenging groups of people to work together in a team for a common goal.  Challenging us to change the way we think about mental illness.  Challenging us to make a difference.

The Focus

Chambo Challenge 4.1 is not a race. It has been designed to bring groups of people together to work towards the goal of completing either the 6 hour challenge.
Each team member can participate at a level that suits their abilities, complete as little as one lap, one hour or the whole event. Teams can participate as a unit, as a relay, or a combination of both. Just as long as one team member is on course at all times.
4.1 aims to foster support within groups of people both known and unknown, during the event and through the wider community as a whole so that we can all make a difference.

Our Partners

Funds raised from this event will be going towards specific programs run by our partner organisations that particularly target suicide prevention, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Resilience Programs in young people.

If you can’t get along on the day you can still help us make a difference by making a donation to the events Everday Hero page here:


R U OK?’s vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide.

Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

Event Details Symonston ACT - Saturday 14th October 2017

The Chamberlain Foundation in partnership with BFirm are going to be holding a 6 hour obstacle course event at BFirm’s purpose built venue in Symonston ACT. The 2.5km course will feature 50+ obstacles and is targeted at pushing participants both physically and mentally.

The event is going to consist of three components:


4.1 Full - 6 Hours

4.1 Full - 6 Hours

06:00 am – 12:00pm

Individual Registrations

  • Individual entrants will attempt as many laps of the course over the 6 hour period at a rate they see fit with the focus on completing the full 6 hours
  • Individuals can provide their own support teams but they must remain in the staging area only and are not allowed on course
  • Event entry $110 per person

Team Registrations

  • Teams to consist of 2-6 people
  • No upper limit of team members on course at any given time but team must travel together
  • Team member rotations are at the discretion of the team but there must be a minimum of one person on the course at all times
  • Event entry $125 per team member

Event Entry includes Event Tee and the opportunity to help the Chamberlain Foundation make a difference!

4.1 'Come & Try'

4.1 'Come & Try'

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Individual Registrations

  • Individual entrants can come and have a try of the course whilst supporting a fantastic community focused cause.
  • Event Entry is $35 per person

Family Registrations

  • Family group entrants can come and have some fun on the course together whilst supporting a fantastic community focused cause.
  • Event Entry is $85 per family


Sponsor 4.1 Chambo Challenge 4.1 - Saturday 14th October 2017

The Chamberlain Foundation are on the lookout for community minded business who would like to support the event through our Corporate Sponsorhip Package.  If this is of interest to you then our sponsorship prospectus can be downloaded from here.

Event Sponsors Chamberlain Foundation would like to thank the following businesses for their generous support of this event.